Currently Released

Sw0rdmas73r's Soul Reaping!

A mod focused on the late-game, designed to enhance your already powerful weapons.

Sw0rdmas73r's COVID-19 Mod!

A mod focused on the experience, designed to make fighting the undead harder.

Sw0rdmas73r's Gem Weapons!

This mod adds weapons that are currently unaccessable, but will be accessable when you use Sw0rdmas73r's Gem Origins.

Yet To Be Released

sw0rdmas73r's Gem Origins!

This datapack will add five new gem-based origins to the origins mod, but requires sw0rdmas73r's gem weapons.

sw0rdmas73r's gemcraft mod!

This mod will attempt to give off a Steven Universe-y feel.

Into Darkness!

This mod will add a mysterious new mob known as a wraith, which is the key to a whole new world.

Withered and Scarred!

A storm is coming. Wither Skeletons have escaped from the nether into the overworld and have started to corrupt various biomes. Do you have what it takes to defeat the withered lord and claim his crown?